Bases Científicas da Liberação Tecidual Funcional

A biomechanical model of wound contraction and scar formation

Le Yang, Tarynn M. Witten, Ramana M. Pidaparti

A Randomized Controlled Trial of the embrace Advanced Scar Therapy Device to Reduce Incisional Scar Formation

Michael T. Longaker, Rod J. Rohrich, Lauren Greenberg, Heather Furnas, Robert Wald, Vivek Bansal, Hisham Seify, Anthony Tran, Jane Weston, Joshua M. Korman, Rodney Chan, David Kaufman, Vipul R. Dev, Joseph A. Mele, Michael Januszyk, Christy Cowley, Peggy McLaughlin, Bill Beasley, Geoffrey C. Gurtner

A Systematic Review on the Effect of Mechanical Stretch on Hypertrophic Scars after Burn Injuries

Yu-ting Zhang, Cecilia W.P. Li-Tsang, Ricky K.C. Au

A theoretical framework for the role of fascia in manual therapy

Nigel Simmonds, MChiro, Peter Miller, DChiro, Hugh Gemmell

A Unifying Neuro-Fasciagenic Model of Somatic Dysfunction – underlying mechanisms and treatment – Part I

Paolo Tozzi

Abdominal Adhesions: Current and Novel Therapies

Brian C. Ward, Ph.D., Alyssa Panitch, Ph.D.

Cutaneous scarring: Pathophysiology, molecular mechanisms, and scar reduction therapeutics – Part I – The molecular basis of scar formation

Christos Profyris, Christos Tziotzios, Isabel Do Vale

Cutaneous scarring: Pathophysiology, molecular mechanisms, and scar reduction therapeutics – Part II – Strategies to reduce scar formation after dermatologic procedures

Christos Tziotzios, Christos Profyris, Jane Sterling

Cytokine mediated tissue fibrosis

Lee A. Borthwick, Thomas A. Wynn, Andrew J. Fisher

Evidence for fractional laser treatment in the improvement of cutaneous scars

Kavitha K. Reddy, MD, Jeremy A. Brauer, MD, and Roy G. Geronemus, MD (Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York)

Extracellular matrix and wound healing

F.X. Maquart, J.C. Monboisse

Human hypertrophic and keloid scar models: principles, limitations and future challenges from a tissue engineering perspective

Lenie J. van den Broek, Grace C. Limandjaja, Frank B. Niessen, Susan Gibbs

Identification of viscoelastic parameters of skin with a scar in vivo, influence of soft tissue technique on changes of skin parameters

Hana Vránová, Josef Zeman, Zdenek Cech, Stanislav Otáhal

Improving Cutaneous Scar Formation by Controlling the Mechanical Environment

Geoffrey C. Gurtner, Reinhold H. Dauskardt, Victor W. Wong, Kirit A. Bhatt, Kenneth Wu, Ivan N. Vial, Karine Padois, Joshua M. Korman, Michael T. Longaker

Integrin 𝛽1: A Mechanosignaling Sensor Essentia for Connective Tissue Deposition by Fibroblasts

Andrew Leask

Integrin-mediated regulation of TGF𝛃 in fibrosis

Neil C. Henderson, Dean Sheppard

Integrin–TGF-𝛃 crosstalk in fibrosis, cancer and wound healing

Coert Margadant, Arnoud Sonnenberg

Management of scars: updated practical guidelines and use of silicones

Sylvie Meaume, Anne Le Pillouer-Prost, Bertrand Richert, Diane Roseeuw, Javid Vadoud

Mechanical compression upregulates MMP9 through SMAD3 but not SMAD2 modulation in hypertrophic scar fibroblasts

Dong Huang, Yingping Liu, Yongjun Huang, Youfu Xie, Kuanhong Shen, Dawei Zhang, Yong Mou

Mechanical Forces Induce Scar Remodeling: Study in Non-Pressure-Treated versus Pressure-Treated Hypertrophic Scars

Andréa Monte Alto Costa, Simone Peyrol, Luís Cristóvão Pôrto, Jean-Pierre Comparin, Jean-Louis Foyatier, Alexis Desmoulière

Mechanical Tension Controls Granulation Tissue Contractile Activity and Myofibroblast Differentiation

Boris Hinz, Dominique Mastrangelo, Christophe E. Iselin, Christine Chaponnier, Giulio Gabbiani

Mechanics of scars

E. Cerda

Mechanisms of Mechanotransduction

A. Wayne Orr, Brian P. Helmke, Brett R. Blackman, Martin A. Schwartz

Mechanobiology of scarring

Rei Ogawa

Mechanosignaling pathways in cutaneous scarring

Chenyu Huang, Satoshi Akaishi, Rei Ogawa

Mechanotherapy: revisiting physical therapy and recruiting mechanobiology for a new era in medicine

Chenyu Huang, Johannes Holfeld, Wolfgang Schaden, Dennis Orgill, Rei Ogawa

Pushing Back: Wound Mechanotransduction in Repair and Regeneration

Victor W. Wong, Satoshi Akaishi, Michael T. Longaker, Geoffrey C. Gurtner

TGF-𝛃–induced fibrosis and SMAD signaling: oligo decoys as natural therapeutics for inhibition of tissue fibrosis and scarring

Kenneth R. Cutroneo